• body-brushing bliss

    July 8, 2009

    One of my favorite rituals is dry body brushing, done before every shower unless I’m in a mad dash.  Body brushing helps the skin remove toxins, slough off dead cells and stimulate the production of natural moisturizing oils while making you feel invigorated top to toe.  Or, rather, I should say toe to top. Here’s how to work it:

    1. You know that long-handled wooden brush in your bathroom that you never use?  Give it a good rinse under hot water and let it dry. Otherwise, head to your drug store or The Body Shop – they’re fairly inexpensive.

    2. When you’ve stripped off for your shower, remove the brush from the handle and get ready to brush.

    3. Start at the soles of the feet, brushing in circular motions.  Continue brushing all the way up and around the legs.  Make sure you get your butt in on the action!

    4. Next, turn your attention to your torso.  This is the only area you want to brush in long, vertical strokes away from the heart.

    5. Brush gently around the breast.  And hey, if you have a partner this a nice time to ask for a helping hand.

    6. Now keep the circular moves going from your hands up to your forearms and continue up to the shoulders.  Don’t forget the armpits.

    7. Finally, pop the brush back on its handle and give your back some well-deserved attention.

    That’s it! The warm months are a great time to start this.  During the winter when I want to jump straight into the hot water I’ll switch to a hemp towel and do the same procedure but wet.  The whole process should take no more that 3-4 minutes.  If you have someone in there with you that’s another story…

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