• my kitchen, unplugged: fridge door & freezer

    July 1, 2009

    Welcome back for part three of my kitchen tour where you’ll get to see what’s chilling out in my fridge door and doing time in the freezer.

    I realized as I was watching this that it may appear as an ad for Ziploc.  As I’ve mentioned before, my mom sends me about a box of these a year since the quality of bags in the UK isn’t great.  These are sturdy enough to wash and use again and again.

    I thoroughly enjoy giving a kitchen a good detox and did another one today for a new client.  With a 15-month old and a Spanish husband who adores his country’s traditional cuisine, she needed family-friendly solutions that are both healthy and practical.  I showed her how to evaluate what she already had, explained the best way to store certain items in order to preserve their nutrient content, and gave her shopping ideas to support her well-being goals.  Want to learn how to make your kitchen work harder for you?  Let me know!


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  • my kitchen, unplugged: the fridge

    June 29, 2009

    After I posted the first part of my kitchen tour, my mother called to say she still can’t believe how one person can go through so much food – and I’m a little person!  Well, just wait until you look inside my fridge.

    Viewing this, even I am quite amazed at how much I keep in here.  But remember, the majority of it consists of whole, plant-based foods with all their water content intact.  Therefore, bulk in this case does not necessarily translate into masses of food but rather nutrient density.

    Again, this is a kitchen in transition; I’m showing it to you before I do a fridge detox – I didn’t want to go and doctor it up before turning the camera on.  So, you’ll see the nice and the naughty here, including those unmentionables hiding all the way at the back…

    Happy peeking!


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  • my kitchen, unplugged: part 1

    June 28, 2009

    Hello again!  As promised, here is the first of my kitchen video series.  I was inspired by Lori Painter’s What’s in My Refrigerator post and decided to do this in several parts since there’s so much I want to show you.

    Now, this is a kitchen in transition!  There are several things I’m phasing out, including the oils you’ll see lined up on the counter.   The more I learn, the more I understand that things like extracted oils are simply not a whole food; and the more I eat closer to nature, the less I want anything but what springs naturally from the good Earth.

    Loving the journey and would love to see what’s inside your kitchen, so if you have a blog please get filming and post a link below.


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