• all hail strawberry season

    June 11, 2009


    This was, admittedly, a stretch – even for me.  Yet I, and the berries, somehow managed to make it home in one piece despite carrying an additional eight pounds of apples on my back and keeping an eye on those tall leeks you see peeking out of the corner.  But how could I resist four punnets for 5 GBP (about 8 USD), plus a discount for buying double?  And how cute are those baskets?

    I do love my weekly trip to the farmers market here in West London, and yes – the British climate is such that we have abundant berries and apples at the same time.  I’ll remember that next time I’m inclined to complain about the weather.

    You’ve gotta love strawberries – they’re high in fiber, low on the glycemic index and just beautiful to look at, which has to mean nature really wants us to eat lots of them.  They’re also plentiful and relatively cheap right now, so go out and get some.  In fact, I’m so crazy about strawberries and how good they are for us that I’ve changed the blog’s background photo in honor of them.  Speaking of seasonal, I’ve now also tagged relevant recipes with seasons so you can search them that way, too.

    So, you might be wondering what a girl does with this many berries.  I’ll rinse and freeze about half of them – green tops and all – for ready inclusion in smoothies.  And the other half: well, they’ll go quite fast in this queen bee of un-recipes that ranks way up there on the simple, tasty scale.  It calls for sprouted grains, but fret not if you haven’t yet been converted to the wonders of these little gems.  I’ll soon be posting the secret to successful sprouting every time – and it requires no special equipment whatsoever.  And yes, this recipe violates that golden rule of food combining that says fruit should be eaten on its own, but I find that this combo agrees with my tummy just fine, and since the grains are sprouted we’re talking lots of live-enzyme action.

    Let me know how it works for you, and enjoy the berry bliss!

    new recipe: simply sensational strawberries

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  • guest feature on we like it raw

    June 8, 2009

    Buenos dias, amigos!  A few weeks ago on my snacking smart post I mentioned I would be telling you about my recent family reunion in Madrid and how I managed my green appetite while I was there.

    Well, here it is…and on none other than We Like it Raw!

    A huge thanks to Dhrumil for being so cool with the idea and showcasing it beautifully with the photos I took.  In it, you can read about how I stuck to a high-raw diet amidst la familia plus tips on how to navigate Madrid menus while enjoying Spanish cuisine that’s good for you and the planet.

    But wait, there’s more!  I wanted to welcome my fellow We Like it Raw readers with a seasonal recipe they and you can make in a jiffy.  Bienvenidos and enjoy!

    new recipe:  speedy gazpacho

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