• great expectations

    July 24, 2009

    Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is pregnant?

    Maybe it’s Swine Flu that’s bringing so much attention to this “high-risk group”.  Yet nobody can decide whether it’s the pregnant women or the infected people who should stay home.  Hello!

    Then there are all the Facebook updates from my pregnant friends:  ultrasound pics of “the bean” from one, a “last day at the office” from another.  My good friend Anita posted she was a bit more concerned about her luggage allowance than catching a bug.  She’s one of the most pragmatic – and happiest – people I know.  How disconnected have we become from our nature that we treat pregnancy like a medical condition instead of the natural, self-directed miracle that it is?  Thank goodness for people like Anita.

    I’ve thought a lot about pregnancy since I was a kid.  In fact, I wanted to be an obstetrician so I could deliver babies all day.  Now I get emails like, “Your Lazy Sushi is great, but I threw in some fish for protein.”

    I can understand the concern; I’d be triple examining everything and thinking very carefully if I were eating for two.  Two things to bear in mind:  our “recommended allowances” for protein are grossly inflated, and plants have plenty!  In fact, more diseases are caused by too much protein rather than by too little.  For a thorough explanation of this, check out T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study.

    I’ve talked about Natalia Rose’s books before, and while a diet book is not what you would normally read during pregnancy, The Raw Food Detox Diet is an exception.  Aside from being extremely fluid and down-to-earth when it comes to food, Rose talks at length about her own pregnancies.  When she wasn’t producing enough breast milk, her doctors urged her to drink cow’s milk.  Then she thought, “Wait a minute, where does a cow get her milk?”  With that, she began “eating like a cow,” i.e. lots and lots of greens; and her milk poured forth.

    Speaking of which, one of my expectant friends emailed to say she had her first green smoothie to cope with morning sickness. “I felt like a wilted flower that had been watered.”  Wow!

    Of course, I know that the best teacher is experience.  I’m sure I’ll feel like a newborn when my day comes, and I very much look forward to learning and sharing what I discover.

    Meanwhile, here are a few links I’ve been passing on to moms to be:

    Kristen Suzanne’s candid account of trying to get pregnant.  My thoughts are with her.
    The Business of Being Born – I haven’t actually seen this yet so would appreciate hearing from moms who have.
    Birth As We Know It – I’m really attracted to the concept here, especially after seeing this video about orgasmic birth.

    Best kept secret?  I’ll let you know someday.

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  • plant-powered performance

    May 16, 2009

    When I ran the London Marathon in 2005, I dutifully followed the typical carbo-loading call, downing buckets of pasta and enough pizzas to topple Pisa. I was also exhausted all the time and had to stop training altogether every few weeks because of nagging little colds. I finished in 5:05 – about an hour off my target time. I was grateful to get through it in one piece, but I can only wonder what I could have done had I known then about the concepts in Brendan Brazier’s The Thrive Diet.

    Brendan is a professional triathlete who follows a 100% plant-based, whole foods diet, dispelling all those myths that you can’t get enough protein from plants and that we need milk for strong teeth and healthy bones. One of my favorite Brendan Brazier quotes, which I’ll paraphrase here, is that whenever he feels daunted by a particular challenge, he remembers how the dairy industry successfully convinced the public that a food intended for baby cows is essential for human health. As for protein, have you ever been face-to-face with a leafy-greens loving gorilla? I’m glad I haven’t, for I’m sure I’d soon discover that he’s getting plenty of protein.

    I could go on for 26.2 miles, so instead I’ll let Brendan explain all via Thrive in 30, his new free online guide to improving your performance with plant power. Check it out whether you’re a fitness fanatic or more the Tai Chi type. I’ve just signed up myself even though I traded my Asics for MBTs long ago. Happy thriving!

    By the way, have you joined the Facebook fan page yet? Brendan’s already there, so come and be part of the plant-based party…and bring your friends!

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