• skinny jeans forevah

    June 6, 2009

    “You and your flat stomach.”

    That was my dear friend Hadley as I was getting off the Underground last night.  We were going home from a garden party that inevitably turned into an everyone-crammed-in-the-kitchen gathering thanks to a bitter blast of freezing rain.  Why am I not used to this after over five years in London?

    Anyway, her comment made me realize, again, the transformative power of food and how you can, literally, re-shape your body.  I looked down at my jeans and saw that yes, my tummy was pretty flat.  And that felt more than pretty good.

    It wasn’t always this way.  Even though I’ve always been fairly slim, everything I ate seemed to miss the whole of my body and make a beeline straight for my waist.  I’d go to yoga class and watch other women in the mirror proudly baring their washboard midsections while I kept mine coyly tucked away.  The only time my stomach went into hibernation was when I was preparing for the marathon – not exactly a training schedule I was willing to continue after the big race.  Of course, as soon as I stopped my 2.5 hour runs, my old shape came back once more.

    And yet, fast-forward four years to today where my “training” regime consists of nothing more than walks in the park, yoga in my living room and running errands on my bike.  Those 100 crunches a day of my past?  Gone.  The gym membership I would force myself to use?  Hasta la vista.

    Now, I’m not saying vigorous exercise is unnecessary; on the contrary!  Raising your heart rate several times a week is always good advice.  I’m just letting you know that the best results for my “problem area” came without the usual undue exertion you might expect.  The excess weight around my middle has fallen away, unbelievably, from eating more and sweating less!  As I got off the train, I told Hadley that I eat tons; and it’s true.  But unlike before, I mostly eat the kinds of food that feed rather than fatten my body, and the results are written…all over my waist.

    Let me tell you, sliding into my jeans from the year 2000 better than I did then feels great.  Want to know how you can do it, too?  For starters, up the water-rich raw.  Keep checking the recipes section of the site and this blog for ideas on how; and if you’d like personalized advice for your own transformation with lots of motivating support, let’s chat!

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  • plant-powered performance

    May 16, 2009

    When I ran the London Marathon in 2005, I dutifully followed the typical carbo-loading call, downing buckets of pasta and enough pizzas to topple Pisa. I was also exhausted all the time and had to stop training altogether every few weeks because of nagging little colds. I finished in 5:05 – about an hour off my target time. I was grateful to get through it in one piece, but I can only wonder what I could have done had I known then about the concepts in Brendan Brazier’s The Thrive Diet.

    Brendan is a professional triathlete who follows a 100% plant-based, whole foods diet, dispelling all those myths that you can’t get enough protein from plants and that we need milk for strong teeth and healthy bones. One of my favorite Brendan Brazier quotes, which I’ll paraphrase here, is that whenever he feels daunted by a particular challenge, he remembers how the dairy industry successfully convinced the public that a food intended for baby cows is essential for human health. As for protein, have you ever been face-to-face with a leafy-greens loving gorilla? I’m glad I haven’t, for I’m sure I’d soon discover that he’s getting plenty of protein.

    I could go on for 26.2 miles, so instead I’ll let Brendan explain all via Thrive in 30, his new free online guide to improving your performance with plant power. Check it out whether you’re a fitness fanatic or more the Tai Chi type. I’ve just signed up myself even though I traded my Asics for MBTs long ago. Happy thriving!

    By the way, have you joined the Facebook fan page yet? Brendan’s already there, so come and be part of the plant-based party…and bring your friends!

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