• a smart thing to do

    August 23, 2009

    Tickets are now on sale for the September 21st American launch of climate-change film The Age of Stupid.

    I saw this when it premiered in London earlier this year (sometimes we do get things first over here!) and thought it was about time this message came to the big screen (and I’m not talking PowerPoint).   I signed up for the mailing list right away, and I wish you could see the emails from filmmaker Franny Armstrong.  With no advertising budget, Franny and crew send out massive missives to get people to spread the word – and tell you to keep spreading.  So, if you’re stateside, buy your ticket and grab some non-GM popcorn (real of cauliflower!) on September 21st (a day before the UN’s climate change meeting in New York) to catch The Age of Stupid.

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  • first love, then food

    July 14, 2009

    I’ve been late in telling you about the Dr. Brian Clement event I went to at the end of June.  As many of you know, Dr. Clement and his wife Anna Maria run the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, a living-foods destination.

    It was the first time I had heard the Clements speak.  Naturally, they had a lot to say about the ideal growing, procurement and preparation of food, but what stood out for me most was not about the food at all.

    Dr. Clement spent a great deal of time talking about the emotional and spiritual side of eating, something I’ve thought about a lot but had not articulated in the way he did.  Simply, he said that food is a way to realize self-respect.  Feeding ourselves high-vibrational, pure foods is an act of self-love.  And self-love is the pre-requisite for love of others, which is our purpose on this planet. “We are here to give 100% of ourselves with love and compassion,” he said, “Nutrition is only the fuel.”

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  • is diet coded in our genes?

    June 26, 2009

    Oooh, I have so much up my sleeve!

    First, I’m really excited to be doing my first round of videos for the blog, a series taking you inside my kitchen so you can see where I come up with the recipes on the site and how everything is set up.  I’ll be posting them within the next few days.

    Tomorrow I’ll also be attending a daylong event all about living foods given by Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute in Florida.  Full report to follow.

    But today I wanted to share what I learned last night at an event at the Dana Centre, part of the Science Museum in London.  I love, love the Dana Centre because, like TED – my other freebie favorite – I always come away with new knowledge that keeps ticking over in my brain long after the lecture is over.

    Last night’s topic was “Moving Genes,” a fascinating (albeit all too brief) look at where the human species comes from and how, despite appearances, we’re not all that different.  I thought this fit in beautifully with the idea that we are all fundamentally the same on a spiritual level, how we all spring from the same consciousness.  But here was evidence that we are even more similar than we think, even if we do think quite similarly.

    By far the most intriguing speaker of the night was Dr. Mark Thomas, a senior lecturer in genetics at University College London.

    With obvious zest for his subject, Dr. Thomas explained why all of us are, almost certainly, an African species.  Here are some of his supporting points as noted on his slides:

    • We are not a very diverse species; our differences are only skin deep
    • We all share a common female-line ancestor around 170,000 – she was African!
    • We all share a common male-line ancestor around 70,000 – he was African!
    • So, Adam never met Eve

    Now, I get the African part, but how the above numbers work out is totally beyond me; and, according to Dr. Thomas, even certain genius geneticists can’t make sense of it.

    Of course, my mind started thinking about food, and how these findings line up with 80 10 10 which I’m currently reading.  One of the most intriguing aspects of the book for me is that we originated and evolved in the tropics, hence we are designed to eat a diet based on the fruit that grew there.  The author, Dr. Douglas Graham, goes on to say that we create a “mini tropics” wherever we migrate via artificial means such as central heating and clothing.

    So, when Dr. Thomas said that Europeans have only been able to digest milk for the past 1000 years, I made note and asked him to elaborate during the Q&A session.  I asked him if he has found similar patterns for digesting grains and whether our African ancestry indicates we should consume a certain diet.

    Dr. Thomas was adamant that the amount of nutrition information out there has created an “ideas salad” and that theories such as the blood-type diet are utter garbage. Dr. Thomas is a vegetarian, yet he also stressed that those groups who evolved to drink milk had a major advantage and that our brains would not have evolved had we remained at the hunter-gatherer stage.

    I like the term “ideas salad”, and my take is that we each have a responsibility to take a good look at the providence of all the ingredients in that salad, if you get my drift.  Every theory is worth examining, if only to broaden and challenge your own.  I know that my diet keeps changing the more I learn and the more I evolve.

    If the consumption of meat catapulted our evolution on a physical level, might not the current global shift towards a plant-based diet propel us towards an evolution of a different kind?

    I debated this and other questions after the event with a rather vociferous and interesting gentleman who accused me of having an agenda…stay tuned for all the gory details!  Have a great weekend.

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  • more (fruity) smoothie action

    June 25, 2009


    The kind folks at Whole Foods sent me the pictures they snapped of me at the Healthy Eating Tasting Fair last week, and this is one of them.  Notice the imported Ziploc bags (thanks, mom!)  All those bags have since been washed out and dried, sitting patiently in my cupboard for their next use.

    It might seem like all I drink are green smoothies, but not so.  I love all-fruit smoothies, yet there has been a lot of conflicting information circulating around the net and beyond about the consumption of lots of fruit.  One minute we read that having as much fruit as we crave all morning is the way to go, and the next someone is telling us that we should be reducing the percentage of fruit in smoothies and upping the green.  What to do?

    I’m now working my way through Dr. Douglas Graham’s 80 10 10 Diet.  What an eye opener.  Not only does Dr. Graham advocate having lots of fruit, he believes it should be the basis of our diet.  I’ll stop here since I want to finish the book before commenting further, but suffice it to say for now that reading it thus far has been a huge relief in that I finally understand that my lifelong incorrigible sweet tooth is actually a natural survival mechanism that has been distorted by unnatural food.

    With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a recipe and blog I discovered last week, thanks to the author’s generous comments on this site.  Earth Mother’s colorful In the Raw turned me on to the Watermelon Kiwi Cooler, a perfect summer concoction I’ve been having every morning since trying it!  I tweak it a little:  using only one kiwi (fuzzy skin and all) and a few more strawberries (frozen).  The lime is non-negotiable and gives it a wonderful cocktail kick.  Not only has it made great use of my expensive watermelons (gulp), but it’s an awesome creation to whip up for guests.  Thanks, Earth Mother!

    And here’s another one of my own.  Enjoy the fruity fun!

    new recipe: groovy tangy smoothie

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  • tasting fair debrief and vita-mix offer

    June 18, 2009


    “I want to try some Jessica Stone!”

    That was probably my favorite quote of the day during yesterday’s Healthy Eating Tasting Fair at Whole Foods Kensington.  Apparently all the other stands scattered throughout the store displayed the name of a product.  But I wouldn’t know, because I was on my lonesome and didn’t get a chance to go to the bathroom during all four plus hours of it, let alone sample some of the other yummy stuff on offer.  That’s okay, I had a blast!  It was so much fun meeting everyone and talking to them about eating green the easy, tasty way that I was still going after all the other exhibitors had packed up and left.

    In fact, it was a great reminder that meditation is not limited to sitting in lotus position and focusing on your breath.  To me, meditation is anything that lets you become completely absorbed in the moment.  Sports, sex, food, dancing…pick your pleasure and give it your all.  I was so focused on the job at hand and tapping into my passion, that the hours flew by and any other worries I had totally evaporated.

    They parked my stand in the amazing produce section, right in front of a huge spread of bananas.  I made green smoothies, of course, both because they’re so simple and because they make people happy.  If you’ve just come to the site after meeting me yesterday, welcome!  We talked a lot about green smoothies at the fair, but you can read even more on my earlier post.

    One woman said, “So, what are you selling?  Smoothies?  Blenders? Or are you just doing this for the good of mankind?”  That was another favorite quote.  Truth is, I got so caught up introducing people to green smoothies and watching their eyes go wide when they realized it tasted so much more pleasant than they expected, that I often forgot to tell people about what I actually do.  But when I did, the two main questions I got were “Can I buy this?” and “Do you teach classes?”

    To answer the first question: no, I don’t make and bottle green smoothies to sell.  My mission is empowering YOU with practical, tasty tips like this so you can go from consumer to creator.  Also, green smoothies – and most fresh preparations – are best enjoyed as soon as they are made.  And they’re fun!  As I mentioned yesterday, you don’t need a recipe – just go with the combinations you crave, and if you stick to about 50% fruit to 50% greens you’ll be fine.  But it’s always nice to have some inspiration, so if you liked yesterday’s blend, here’s a refresher:

    1 ripe banana
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries
    1/3 cucumber, peeled
    2 handfuls baby spinach
    Small piece root ginger (or more, depending on how much kick you like)
    1 cup filtered water

    As you’ll notice in my recipes, a lot of them call for a high-powered blender.  I haven’t talked about my Vita-Mix before, but those who came around my stand yesterday would have seen it.  That’s right, I love my Vita-Mix so much that I lugged it to the fair with me.  It is quite an investment – one I thought about for a long time – but one of the best I’ve made.  I use mine several times a day, for making everything from smoothies to my prize-winning Dulce de Leche (dairy and sugar-free, of course!)  If you live in the UK or Ireland, you can receive free standard shipping if you order your Vita-Mix through me.  Here’s what you need to do:

    VAT UK customers: Please call 0845 868 4566 to place your order.
    Ireland customers: Please call 0766 709854 to place your order.
    Quote this code: 20-01-000090
    The Vita-Mix 5000 machine comes with a 5-year warranty

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, onto classes!  I’ve had a lot of requests for group workshops, so if this sounds like your cup of herbal tea and you’re in the London area, please drop a note in the suggestion box at Whole Foods and tell them you want to try some Jessica Stone!

    And don’t forget: the special coaching offer on your recipe card is good when booked before the end of the month.

    It was truly a joy meeting all of you, and I hope you’ll stay in touch.  Special thanks to the American Airlines crew who came by at the end of the night and drank the bottom of the smoothie barrel.  Green smoothies on air planes…now there’s a flying idea.

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  • must-see green tv

    June 12, 2009

    I haven’t had a TV in over four years, but I do get a lot of video value out of my Mac.  Here’s a rundown of what caught my eye this week:

    Apparently viewable on YouTube only until tomorrow, so it’s really worth blocking out 1.5 hours to watch Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s amazing aerial footage of the planet as you’ve never seen it before.  May I suggest a nice, big bowl of souped-up strawberries instead of popcorn.

    FOOD, Inc
    Exposé of America’s industrialized food industry opens today in select US cities.  Being in the UK, I won’t be able to watch this yet; but my interest is quite piqued after seeing a PBS interview with director Robert Kenner.  Can’t say I’d snack on anything during this one.

    Raw Spirit Festival highlights
    Matt Monarch talks to health warrior Jameth Sheridan, who shares his honest, thought-provoking views on the many faces of raw while Troy Casey of Amazon Herbs makes me want to grow my hair long and move to Ecuador. Best enjoyed with a glass of Drink Your Greens.

    TED’s eco double bill
    John La Grou plugs smart power outlets and Kevin Surace invents eco-friendly drywall.  Who needs TV when you’ve got TED?

    Reader plea: I’d like to make this a regular feature but can’t keep up with all the great videos out there, so if you come across any you think should be included here I’d be grateful if you’d send them my way.  Happy weekend!

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  • blissed-out in southern california

    June 7, 2009

    Right now I’m experiencing a bit of a challenge with regards to living in the moment, because to be quite honest I’d much rather be living this moment at the Raw Spirit Festival in Santa BarbaraMatt Monarch has been giving us stranded folk an insider’s peek with his trusty camera, and I just had to share his latest clip, especially since it ties in nicely with yesterday’s post on slimming foods and my previous one on plant-powered fitness.  Have you ever seen such shiny, happy people?  Talk about the joy of plant-based food and the beautifying power of raw!

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  • healthy eating tasting fair

    June 3, 2009

    Happy Wednesday!

    I’ve been invited to participate at the Healthy Eating Tasting Fair happening at Whole Foods Kensington in London on Wednesday, June 17th.  Details from their site:

    At whole Foods Market we believe in promoting your wellbeing through healthy eating food ranges, demonstrations and education.

    We have handpicked some of our favourite healthy eating experts and invite you along to meet these passionate producers on the evening and sample the very best healthy foods and dietary alternatives.

    Well hey!  I’m honored and excited about this, especially as the fair runs from 4-8pm so I get to meet the after-work crowd (not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy mingling with the mummies on Monday mornings!)

    I’ve put this on the calendar and hope you’ll add it to yours if you’re in the area.  l’ll be sharing tasty tips for eating green with a focus on super-fast raw food as well as a special offer on my coaching services.  Demos and samples as usual!  And if that doesn’t get you, I’m required to wear an apron and hat for this one.  Suggestions for attractive head gear most welcome.

    Hope to see you there!

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  • tasty tricks for yummier mummies

    May 18, 2009

    I had a great time this morning sharing the glory of green smoothies during “Mummies Morning” at Whole Foods Kensington in London. I’ve done demos there a couple of times now, but none has been as successful as this one. And it wasn’t even a demo! Turns out I had been booked at the same time as some lovely people from Tisserand Aromatherapy who were very happy to discover I had included fresh ginger in the smoothie I was passing around.

    Anyway, because I didn’t want the blender to get in the way of their presentation, I decided to do the blending in another room and simply bring samples around on a tray. It turned out to be a very good move, since it meant I actually got to talk to the mothers individually without having to juggle mounds of fruit and electrical equipment at the same time. None of the mothers had ever tried a green smoothie before and couldn’t believe how much nutrition you could pack in it, let alone how easy this was to fit into their day. Even better, their tiny tots were literally yanking the samples out of their hands and ending up with great, big green smiles that reminded me of the Green Appetite logo! Just goes to show how children are born to love and crave good, natural food right from the start.

    I’m delighted to report that Whole Foods has asked me back for more of the same, so if you’re a new mother in the Kensington area who could use a chill morning with your babes along with picking up some simple, family-friendly ideas for sneaking more fruit and veg into your day, I’d love to meet you there. I’ve posted these to the calendar, but better write them down now:

    Monday, June 15, 2009 10-11am
    Monday, July 13, 2009 10-11am

    They’re normally held upstairs in “A Room With a View.” See you there!

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