• a smart thing to do

    August 23, 2009

    Tickets are now on sale for the September 21st American launch of climate-change film The Age of Stupid.

    I saw this when it premiered in London earlier this year (sometimes we do get things first over here!) and thought it was about time this message came to the big screen (and I’m not talking PowerPoint).   I signed up for the mailing list right away, and I wish you could see the emails from filmmaker Franny Armstrong.  With no advertising budget, Franny and crew send out massive missives to get people to spread the word – and tell you to keep spreading.  So, if you’re stateside, buy your ticket and grab some non-GM popcorn (real of cauliflower!) on September 21st (a day before the UN’s climate change meeting in New York) to catch The Age of Stupid.

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