when in rome, eat indian

October 19, 2009

After living in NY and London for a collective 12 years and even making sense of Bangkok the short while I was there, I thought I was pretty clever when it came to navigating public transport.

But San Francisco is an un-city kind of city, if I may say so.  The bus stop outside Liz’s house has no markings on it whatsoever.  I only knew where to wait because there were other people standing around, too.

One of them was a very nice woman from South India.  Score!  Not only did she get me from Twin Peaks to North Beach, I also seized the moment to ask her about the best places for a curry.

Goodness how I miss Indian food.  Mystery Indian girl told me she makes most of it herself, of course, but that Shalymar in an area of town called The Tenderloin (!) is the place to go.  When I told her that my favorite Indian meal – and possibly best meal, period – was at Rasa in Charlotte Street in London, she said that for real Kerelan food I should head to Annapurna in San Mateo.  Watch this space.

Next post: and on the way I stumbled on Afghanistan

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