the priciest peaches on the planet?

October 5, 2009

By the time you read this I’ll be immersed in a one-month yoga teacher training course.  That’s four weeks of ashram life – wake-up bell at 5:30am, two yoga classes a day, lectures, anatomy classes, and karma yoga or selfless service before flopping into bed at 10.

So I’ve written a bunch of posts scheduled to run while I’m away because I didn’t want to leave Green Appetite all alone, especially not when I captured so many cool things in San Francisco.

Some shocking things, too, and not what you might expect.

Day two saw Liz driving me to Rainbow Grocery, an enormous place that had me in a trance.  Rainbow truly lives up to its name by stocking every manner of “health” product under the sun as well as yoga equipment and kitchenware.  I stared at the raw section for about 15 minutes before deciding I really didn’t need any grain-less apple cereal for $10.

Foolishly, I forgot to look at the price of the peaches.  I was entranced with these perfect orbs at the point of ripe perfection and forgot to check out the numbers.  When the cashier rang them up, they came out to over £6!


Speaking of cashiers, I’m having a hard time not packing my own groceries.  Those who’ve spent time in the UK know that store clerks not only let you get on with your own packing, but they sit down for their shifts, too. Sounds very sensible to me now, but I remember trying to get used to this when I arrived in London nearly six years ago.

Back to the posh peaches, I had coffee today in North Beach with my new friend Evan who made a very good point about the price of food – good food should be expensive!  Evan’s working on American Foodways, a TV show all about the nation’s real-food revival.  He and his team have tremendous passion for the program, and he’s looking for sponsors to get it on the air.  So if you care about this timely topic and have a brand you’d like to promote, please get in touch with him.

Up next: my reunion with a cheap yet charming California resident.

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