seeds of economic change

June 14, 2009

The number 27 bus traces a sguiggly path between West London’s Turnham Green and Chalk Farm in the north of the city.  Riding a 30-minute chunk of it today, I realized that the route was a microcosm for the so-called economic crisis.  It seems there isn’t a single block along the double-decker’s path without an empty or soon-to-be vacated storefront.  As for the businesses established in the physical sense, you could almost count on seeing their windows crying out for help: buy one get one free!

I’ve always thought the economic downturn is actually a good thing and part of a necessary evolution bringing us back to our roots – both in a spiritual and physical sense.  With instability comes a different kind of certainty: focusing on what really matters, and realizing that very few things actually do.

I believe we’re entering a move towards simplicity, towards a joy that is not dependent on external factors forever beyond our control.

How timely to see the release of Up, the new Pixar film about an elderly man who fulfills a life-long dream of moving his house above a waterfall in South America.  Throughout his amazing journey, his house actually becomes, literally, an enormous load that eventually leads him to understand that home is only ever where the heart is.

The surge in popularity of plant-based foods and what they can do for our health and the planet is not a coincidence – nothing is.  The fact that these foods are more affordable both on a personal and global level points to the genius of universal intelligence.  And by affordable I mean in the long-term; cheap food is eventually expensive – both in terms of health-care costs and environmental damage.  Let’s not forget the “eco” in economic!

Speaking of seeds, please come back tomorrow for a quick lesson on sprouting – dirt-cheap nutrition.  Seriously.

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  1. Jess June 16, 2009 at 00:24

    Thanks for always reminding me. :)

  2. Lucy June 15, 2009 at 13:12

    You are right, things always happen for a reason, this economic situation should be a wake up call for humanity, to give value to what really matters in life.

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