robby barbaro talks fruit, fitness, and finding compassion (part 1)

July 2, 2013

When I first started Green Appetite in 2009, I came across a lot of people in the healthy-eating world.  Nobody stood out to me like Robby Barbaro.  At 21, he was leading a movement to help people with diabetes control their insulin levels with one thing:  food.

Fast forward until last week when he met me at Riverside Park in New York–me with two green smoothies in hand, him with a special variety of mamey he had shipped from Florida.  Robby now spends his days as the Operations Manager for Forks Over Knives–the highly-popular documentary about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • all about his 80/10/10 diet and exactly what he eats day to day
  • where he gets his fruit, and whether or not it’s organic
  • what he does when he’s out at restaurants
  • how he deals with peer pressure
  • his fitness routine (or lack of!)
  • the number one tip you need to know about changing your diet

Make sure you watch until the end, when he talks about another concept he introduced me to:  Nonviolent Communication.  It has nothing to do with food–and everything to do with nurturing your connection with others.

Stay tuned, because next week we’ll dive even deeper into Forks Over Knives, including tackling the common question:  “Where on Earth do you get your protein?”

And in case you think real men don’t eat fruit, you should know that Robby is dating a model.

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