mom’s first green smoothie

June 10, 2009

I feel really proud of my mom right now in that “baby’s first steps” kinda way – yesterday she made her first-ever green smoothie!

They say that children end up teaching their parents, but while this is often said in the context of taking care of them in their old age, I believe this is so from the moment of birth.  One of the reasons I want to have children is to learn from them – from their innate curiosity and spontaneity that comes from being in the moment as only children know how.

And a big reason I started Green Appetite was for my mom.  A year ago this father’s day, I got an awful call – my mom had just had a major heart attack.  Being an ocean away and experiencing the gulf more than ever, I’d never felt more useless in my life. That is, until my mom not only survived the horrible event but came away from it with an undaunted determination to turn her diet around – not an easy task, yet one she has pulled off amazingly guided by her tough spirit and selfless support of her husband who took on the same heart-healthy diet right along with her.

When I came back from visiting her in Florida, there was only one thing I could do – if I wasn’t there to shop and cook with her, the next best thing was to come up with creative ways for her to eat deliciously while protecting her precious heart.  My mom’s commitment to health is proof that people can and do change when they choose to and when there is plenty of love to support it.  She has been an inspiration for most if not all of the recipes on this site.  And now here’s my mom’s recipe, exactly as she emailed it to me.

The Lucy Smoothie

l mango
l ripe banana
Bunch of raisins
1/2 of a cucumber
Piece of papaya
l cup of bottled water

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