it’s getting warmer…

May 13, 2013


Which means one of many delicious things:

It’s time for the ultra-flexible, always refreshing, lovely-to-look-at watermelon cooler!

Originally inspired by this post I saw on In the Raw, this is easy-peasy:

  • 1/4 watermelon
  • Handful frozen raspberries
  • Juice of half a lime

Blend in VitaMix until smooth, and that’s it.  You can use this as a base and vary the berries, or add a peeled kiwi for kick.

By the way, I buy a whole watermelon, cut it into quarters, wrap in plastic, and keep in the fridge.  That’s after I let it hang out on my counter for a few days — to me, the watermelon is one of the most stunning things nature has made.  It also happens to be packed with pure water, slimming fiber, and succulent sweetness.  I like to make this for guests — pour into glasses and pop into the freezer a few minutes before they arrive, then put one in their hand and watch for the smile.


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