indoor bbq tacos

July 23, 2013


Baby, it has been HOT outside.

There’s no better time to kick up the raw with smoothies and salads.  But summer spells barbecue.  So here’s one cool move when you want to do a little grilling without a lot of sweating:

  • the simplest tortillas you can get (I buy Trader Joe’s–made with just white corn, water, and lime)
  • zucchini/courgette, scrubbed and sliced on the diagonal
  • fresh, crunchy sprouts
  • pan-toasted sunflower seeds

The critical ingredient is my favorite kitchen toy: the Lodge Cast-Iron Grill. This thing is fantastic.  I use it for paninis and tofu (with the matching press), and you can flip it to make pancakes on the griddle side.

In this case, I turn on both burners under the grill, then put the zucchini slices on top–flipping after a few minutes.  When nearly done, throw the tortillas onto the back part of the grill for a few seconds, flipping those once as well.  Load the veg onto the tortillas, sprinkle with the seeds, and plop a big handful of sprouts atop.  Serve with One-Minute Guacamole.  (Oh, and if you don’t have a grill/griddle, you can also use a grill pan.)

You probably didn’t even need those directions.  Or me to tell you how fast these go.

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