how do you like them apples?

December 24, 2009

I know I’m just sliding in with this one so close to Christmas Day, but it’s so good I think you’ll want to make it long after the holiday madness dies down.  So, without (any) adieu, I present:

new recipe: please pass the pumpkin pie

I came up with this one last year from a mishmash of recipes, and this year I’m substituting almond milk for soy.  One of the best parts about this pie is the crust made with oats and pecans:


I wish another experiment had proven as successful.  For months I’ve been reading about raw apple pie and tried some at VitaOrganic in London.  When a work colleague asked about my slice, I gave an enthusiastic “ok,” but the truth was I thought the pie was terrible.  I thought I could do better; and, wanting to put a yet healthier spin on one of my favorite desserts, got in the kitchen and threw together this raw apple pie.  Except that it was labor-intensive and messy, something I don’t mind and am happy to do most of the time.   But I have no desire to try this pie.  I’m not going tell you I love it just because it’s raw, or that I prefer it to regular ole apple pie.  When you look at it you might wonder what I’m talking about.  It sure does look pretty.


Or, you might be like my friend Sarah who exclaimed, “Nothing says Christmas like vegan and raw!”

I’m going back in the kitchen to bake an apple crisp.  It’ll still be vegan, but I’ll be able to smell it.

Merry Christmas!

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