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July 24, 2009

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is pregnant?

Maybe it’s Swine Flu that’s bringing so much attention to this “high-risk group”.  Yet nobody can decide whether it’s the pregnant women or the infected people who should stay home.  Hello!

Then there are all the Facebook updates from my pregnant friends:  ultrasound pics of “the bean” from one, a “last day at the office” from another.  My good friend Anita posted she was a bit more concerned about her luggage allowance than catching a bug.  She’s one of the most pragmatic – and happiest – people I know.  How disconnected have we become from our nature that we treat pregnancy like a medical condition instead of the natural, self-directed miracle that it is?  Thank goodness for people like Anita.

I’ve thought a lot about pregnancy since I was a kid.  In fact, I wanted to be an obstetrician so I could deliver babies all day.  Now I get emails like, “Your Lazy Sushi is great, but I threw in some fish for protein.”

I can understand the concern; I’d be triple examining everything and thinking very carefully if I were eating for two.  Two things to bear in mind:  our “recommended allowances” for protein are grossly inflated, and plants have plenty!  In fact, more diseases are caused by too much protein rather than by too little.  For a thorough explanation of this, check out T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study.

I’ve talked about Natalia Rose’s books before, and while a diet book is not what you would normally read during pregnancy, The Raw Food Detox Diet is an exception.  Aside from being extremely fluid and down-to-earth when it comes to food, Rose talks at length about her own pregnancies.  When she wasn’t producing enough breast milk, her doctors urged her to drink cow’s milk.  Then she thought, “Wait a minute, where does a cow get her milk?”  With that, she began “eating like a cow,” i.e. lots and lots of greens; and her milk poured forth.

Speaking of which, one of my expectant friends emailed to say she had her first green smoothie to cope with morning sickness. “I felt like a wilted flower that had been watered.”  Wow!

Of course, I know that the best teacher is experience.  I’m sure I’ll feel like a newborn when my day comes, and I very much look forward to learning and sharing what I discover.

Meanwhile, here are a few links I’ve been passing on to moms to be:

Kristen Suzanne’s candid account of trying to get pregnant.  My thoughts are with her.
The Business of Being Born – I haven’t actually seen this yet so would appreciate hearing from moms who have.
Birth As We Know It – I’m really attracted to the concept here, especially after seeing this video about orgasmic birth.

Best kept secret?  I’ll let you know someday.

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  1. Jess July 25, 2009 at 08:21

    Thank you for such a motivating, educational comment, Alison! Love your site, too, and have added it to my feed. I look forward to following your adventures!

  2. Alison July 24, 2009 at 12:25

    I’ve seen (and have right here in my office with me) The Business of Being Born, Birth As We Know It, and Orgasmic Birth. Add Pregnant in America to your list of movies to see. We definitely treat pregnancy and birth in the US as a medical condition, when in truth, it’s a very natural and normal state in a woman’s life. You are lucky to have already found your way BEFORE you are pregnant. So many women (myself included) don’t get there until AFTER they are pregnant, given birth or have gone under the knife for a cesarean unnecessarily. 30% of women in the US end up with a cesarean, half of those cesareans are unnecessary. Even the World Health Organization says any country with a cesarean rate over 15% is performing too many cesareans.

    Breastfeeding is making a come back after so many women in the 70’s threw it by the way side, but the majority of women don’t nurse for nearly as long as their babies should nurse, for a myriad of reasons. These two concepts are so closely related. A healthy birth leads to a healthy breastfeeding relationship. I envy the position you are in, I wish I would have known more about these issues before I started having babies.

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