bolani and sauce and more bolani

October 22, 2009

After I got some great transit and dosa tips from the kind San Francisco stranger – people really are very friendly here – I stumbled upon one of the many farmers’ markets in this food-conscious city.


The Galleria building houses a great farmers’ market, and as I wandered around I couldn’t help stopping at one particular stand called Bolani and Sauce.


I’ve been to a lot of markets, but I had never seen a bolani – an Afghani flatbread stuffed with a variety of vegan fillings.  The friendly folk were serving up sample after sample of it along with one of the many different toppings they also sell.


Stall holders should take note of their generous sampling – I had to start turning them down!  Major brownie points when they asked me if dairy was okay before giving me a try.
The family-run business serves up their specialty at farmers’ markets all over the Bay area and surrounding regions as well as Whole Foods.

Next helping:  gratitude with a side of attitude?

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  1. Greenlight Payments November 18, 2009 at 21:46

    I had the same experience at the Whole Foods in San Ramon. I went there for lunch and left there fuller than fort knox. After all the samples I tried I left there stuffed like the bolani’s they sell.
    Awsome family and awsome team, cannot say enough of the friendly and gracious attitude this family has.

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