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May 19, 2009

My friend Sarah has accused me of displaying suggestive images on this site. She was referring specifically to the pears on the homepage. Now, Sarah is a PhD in public health and spends a lot of time looking into a microscope. Apparently she had to minimize her browser window immediately when the page loaded and look around to make sure her colleagues were still wearing their white coats. Good thing I haven’t shot any papayas.

It reminded me of the time I signed up for a life drawing class in New York and was expecting bowls of fruit. Instead, I had to sketch a guy who was a dead ringer for one of those Cro-Magnon figures in your old school textbooks, right down to the fact that he was using a wooden shaft for support. It was fruit, alright.

I hadn’t really planned for the pears to look so, well, perky – at least not consciously. But what do you expect when you’re cooped up inside shooting still life day after day during an exceptionally long winter?

Truth be told, it was my intention to showcase the sensuality of the edible plant world here, and it wasn’t that difficult. Vegetables and fruit look like this because we’re supposed to eat lots of them!  The Vegetarian Society certainly isn’t being coy about it.

Meanwhile, how convenient that asparagus has come into season.

new recipe: frolicking in the fields

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