if you’re here, chances are you want to:

  • Cut back on animal-based foods without sacrificing time or taste
  • Lose weight and keep it off without dieting
  • Eat health-promoting foods
  • Break the cycle of over-indulgence and guilt
  • Kick the sugar habit for good
  • Ditch the dairy deliciously
  • Curb your grocery and restaurant bills
  • Compliment your fitness routine with the right foods
  • Stop mindless munching
  • Eat well on the run and while traveling

in these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • See how tasty and easy it is to eat nutritiously without meat, eggs or dairy
  • Create a vision for total wellness with intention and meditation
  • Discover why raw is the ultimate vitality-boosting fast food
  • Find out the simple secrets to food combining for better digestion
  • Grow perfect sprouts without any special equipment (kids love this)
  • Get the lowdown on superfoods and how to use them
  • Learn how to eat seasonally, locally and intuitively
  • Know when to buy organic
  • Understand label lingo and streamline your food shopping
  • Experience increased energy levels
  • Learn or brush up on your cooking skills
  • Make veggies sexy
  • Save money while eating more
  • Implement lasting changes you can stick with
  • Choose tasty snacks that are good for you
  • Get a veggie box and learn what to do with it
  • Discover natural sweeteners that won’t mess with your blood sugar

… and be good to the planet while you’re at it!